CONTMAN Mobile is an app dedicated to supporting business processes bound by cases circulation, easy search and displaying documents on mobile devices.

Key benefits of CONTMAN mobile:
  • Abbreviating and speeding up business processes and actions so far conducted on paper
  • Tightening security of processes through conducting it all digitally
  • Reducing costs of documents logistics within an organization with digitalization
  • Inducting an organization to the new level of digital transformation with digitalizing key processes such as commercial and financial.
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Which contracts and documents can be signed electronically?
Key features of CONTMAN mobile solution:
  • CONTMAN Mobile works on majority of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with Android.
  • The app provides access to most CONTMAN functionalities such as documents search, workflow processes
  • It allows signing documents (such as agreements in commercial and economic circulation) with mobile digital signature
  • Standard method of signing is secure, hand-written biometric signature, which represents the process on behavioral level
  • It allows for using any other method of signing documents, f.e. OTP
  • The app can be infinitely adapted to any specific business processes for organizations from various fields and economic sectors.
Digital archiving and workflow

Lower your costs, improve quality and speed of client service and guarantee data and documents security. Implement the top digital archiving and workflow system.

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