CONTMAN is an OpenText partner

Krzysztof Wiśniewski
3 February 2022 | News

CONTMAN has become a partner of the OpenTextTM company, the world leader in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which allows for the automation and optimization of business processes as well as archiving, document and data circulation on a global scale.

We are in a very dynamic period of digitization. The largest companies and institutions, including international ones, turn to us for help in this regard. With CONTMAN’s experience and resources for the implementation of such projects, we decided to establish cooperation with OpenText – a world leader in this type of solutions – says Krzysztof Wiśniewski, CEO CONTMAN.

Customers in Poland and our region will be able to take advantage of the best OpenText solutions as well as our implementations and technical support – says Tomasz Czubkowski, CTO CONTMAN.

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