OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ integrates Office 365 with a centralized content management platform and other key applications. It ensures a continuous flow of information, enables access to documents and data needed to perform tasks, cooperate and make decisions.

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Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365?
  • Shares Microsoft Office 365 documents and data
    It automatically integrates Office 365 documents and data into the enterprise content management framework and manages their lifecycle and sharing across systems.
  • It enables instant access to documents and data from various systems
    It automatically downloads and displays business information from other leading solutions such as Salesforce or SAP. All this is possible directly from any Office application.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
    Protects every incoming and outgoing information, manages access, and prevents data leaks with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP).
  • Works with the Teams app
    Captures, classifies, and provides full lifecycle management of documents, including chat, files, and wikis, created in Teams. It allows you to share this content with other people and processes that may need it.
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How Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 can benefit business?
  • It facilitates work and increases efficiency
    By storing information in a secure OpenText repository, it enables full visibility into business processes and related content directly from Office.
  • Provides access to current and historical Microsoft Office 365 Teams data
    It automatically archives and stores documents and data when creating a new team and its work. It also provides information after the work is completed and the team is deleted.
  • Protects documents and data
    Gives you control over every content from the moment it’s created. It records all changes in the entire cooperation process and enables their audit.
  • Local and online access
    Supports hybrid work models. Allows you to work online and locally.
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Key features
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office 365 services
    It breaks down silos, unifies the processes and content of services such as Teams, Outlook and SharePoint, and increases efficiency.
  • Integration with the SharePoint interface
    Allows users to search content directly in the SharePoint user interface and instantly access documents and data, including those not stored in SharePoint.
  • Real-time co-authoring and collaboration
    It offers multiple users the ability to simultaneously create and edit documents stored in OpenText Extended ECM for Office 365.
  • Create a business workspace
    It offers a virtual representation of the business process where users can directly save, access and share Office content with all stakeholders.
  • Electronic archiving and content management
    Adds intelligent search, automation, archiving, and synchronization capabilities to manage the compliance and security of critical business information in Microsoft user interfaces.
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