Technical support
We answer inquiries immediately, and if there are any problems, we solve them on the spot.

If you need technical support, please send us an email at: or give us a call at: +48 61 653 90 00.

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Team of experienced specialists

We have a team of experienced specialists in technical support at your disposal. In case of more complicated tasks, specialists from implementation, R&D departments or architects will get involved.

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Instant answer to your question

In over 98% of inquiries our answer is ready in 15 minutes.

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Fast problem solving

Almost 99% of problems are solved according to SLA requirements, providing a ready-to-use patch or a byway.

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User-friendly system for problem notification and solving

We provide our clients with easy to use inquiry system. It allows to monitor constantly all answers and progress of solving their problem.

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Integration or working in client’s inquiry system

We can also provide support service directly in client’s existing system.

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Schedule a call – we’ll show you how we help and support our clients.
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