Contract Management
Drawing up, controlling and digital archiving

Contract Management is a unique solution for managing contracts, agreements and annexes which allows more effective, faster and more secure cooperation with suppliers and business partners.

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Key benefits of digital contract management:
  • Shorter time of preparing and signing a contract
  • Faster and more secure document delivery
  • Guaranteed security of access to contracts
  • Help with managing contracts duration
  • Automation of tasks and projects concerning reissuing, delivering new versions, addendums, annexes, etc.
  • Fast and easy search
  • Avoiding unwanted extensions and connected costs
  • Eliminating costs of managing traditional – paper contracts and archiving
  • In compliance with GDPR
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Digital contract signing in polish legal system
go digital !
Key features of Contract Management solution:
  • Instant access to contacts no matter when and where
  • Access granted only to authorized employees and business partners
  • Managing contract’s status and duration
  • Reminders when contract needs to be extended or amended
  • Control of contract versions
  • Easy auditing of contracts and process of drawing them
  • Centralized, digital place of management and archiving contracts
  • Annexing contracts
  • Making connections between contracts
  • Possibility of grouping contracts in clients’ files
  • Eliminating possible mistakes
  • Integrating and information exchange about contract conditions and duration with CRM and ERP systems
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