Digital management of procurement documentation
Gathering, managing, electronic signing and archiving

Professional documentation management is crucial in procurement process. It’s an important part of proper and professional course. Procurement documentation solution allows exchange of documentation and smooth communication between a company and its suppliers.

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Key benefits
  • Increased business efficiency in the area of procurement
  • Speeding up purchasing process
  • Facilitating procurement documentation preparation
  • Easier contracting of products and services
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Key features of the solution
  • Establishing degree of formalization of the procurement documentation
  • Developing purchasing documentation flow, including competence boards
  • Documentation categorization to value level, procurement category, specificity of suppliers and organizational structure
  • Automation of creating documents
  • Special situations scenario
  • Division of labor
  • Creating procurement knowledge base
  • Digital archiving
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Examples of procurement documentation

Business practice requires the following types of documents: procedures and rulebooks, operational documents such as demand, order, choice of supplier protocol, acceptance protocol, complaint, etc.

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