Digital personnel file

Solution supporting both recording and procedural aspect of managing employee’s records.

In CONTMAN we get what digital personnel records (employee’s e-file) really are, and how to conclude employment contract electronically.

Key benefits of digital personnel record (employee’s e-file):
  • Sped up HR proceedings
  • Easier and faster search for employees records
  • Lowering costs through automating collection of employee’s documents or employment records
  • Securing personnel records from unauthorized access and deleting
  • Easier task completion due to automation of particular actions.
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Signing employment contracts digitally.
Key features of digital personnel record (employee’s e-file):
  • Ability to implement this solution in phases for:
    • New payroll employees
    • Employees already employed
    • Previous employees
  • Fast and easy configuring of digital personnel record (employee’s e-file)
  • Simple configuring of access granting to documents
  • Managing employment records such as employment documentation workflow and employment records
  • Sending reminders to employees about documents’ expiration
  • Integration with qualified trust services (qualified signature)
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Speeding up personnel processes
  • Allowing for digital approval and signing of employee’s documentation
  • Increasing documentation security
  • Reducing amount of mistakes during task completion
  • Improving employee service quality
  • Reducing costs of HR department
  • Going green with reduction of paper documents
  • More transparent communication
  • Increasing HR department’s effectiveness and providing more opportunity for development (with more time for tasks other than administrative)
  1. Secure employee’s documentation management in compliance with GDPR
  2. Easier and faster access to employee’s records from anyplace (digital documentation).
  3. Sustainable solution reducing cost of printing, sending via traditional post, packaging, etc.
  4. Faster and more secure access granting to the employee
  5. Very fast sorting and searching of documentation
  6. Fast and easy configuration and service
  7. Comprehensive personnel file management within an organization, f.e. employment contract, certificates, etc.
  8. Documents expiration notifications
  9. Possible integration with qualified signature and other trust services
  10. Ability to implement this solution in phases for new payroll employees, employees already employed, previous employees
  11. Professional implementation, attractive offer and high quality of the solution verified by numerous HR departments
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