Integration with existing systems
Providing automatic data and document exchange with an API interface

For solutions supporting business processes in organizations, possibility of integration with business systems and outside data sources is a must. Here at CONTMAN, we live by this rule. The entire ecosystem of our solutions provides cutting-edge, battle-tried and effective mechanisms of integration and flexible access to documentation.

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Key benefits of CONTMAN API:
  • cost optimization of business processes due to wide possibilities of implementing CONTMAN solutions within existing corporate IT architecture
  • shortened time of documents and cases search through providing access from business systems level
  • CONTMAN solutions provide top quality data to domain systems
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Key features of CONTMAN API solution:
  • CONTMAN API provides flexible access to documents, data, processes and tasks in real time with no requirement of creating technical infrastructure and costly database.
  • Well-documented methods and know-how transfer to client’s IT department allows them to integrate with business processes independently.
  • User’s powers can be store in the CONTMAN DIRECTOR system database or on the side of domain systems in the organization
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Technology and application of automatic data exchange:
  • CONTMAN DIRECTOR system works in a browser. The solution is independent of database system (it’s possible to use MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and such) as well as server’s operation system (both Windows and Linux platforms are compatible).
  • We have wide experience of integrating with other solutions such as SAP, Microsoft (Dynamix AX, SharePoint), Comarch, Asseco, SAGE, Teta, dedicated banking and logistic systems
  • All API functions are described in understandable way with examples. It makes it easy to use and create virtually any integration
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