Power supply and utilities
We work with utilities companies

With vast knowledge and experience in this sector we can meet the high expectations of power and utilities companies

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Sales servicing in the utilities sector
  • Digital contract signing including annexes with mobile app, website or tablets (omnichannel)
  • Implementing digital registry of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Managing supplier cancellations
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Client service in power and utilities sector
  • Digital complaints management
  • Creating digital client/terminal file
  • Scanning and registration of contracts (with individual and corporate clients)
  • Digital signing of internal documents
  • Cancellations management
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Finance and accounting
  • Automatic invoice registering and settlements with clients
  • Digital procurement documentation management (orders, invoices, corrections, protocols, direct debit)
  • Integration with the finance and accounting system
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  • Creating digital personnel file
  • Managing the personnel and payroll documentation
  • Integration with the existing personnel and payroll system
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Which contracts and documents can be signed electronically?
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  • Integration with systems operating within a company – reducing the load of documents and data
  • Implementing digital documentation archive
  • Implementing digital document workflow
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