Trade and distribution
We work with the leaders of trade and distribution sector

CONTMAN helped digitalize processes, documents and implemented digital contract signing in major trade and distribution companies.

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Sales servicing in trade and distribution sector
  • Signing contracts digitally with a mobile app on smartphones, tablets and website
  • Launching “paperless stores”
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Client and contractor service in trade and distribution
  • Electronic protocols service
  • Digital contract management
  • Implementation of electronic completing and transferring documents
  • Contractor service: receiving requests and complaints
  • Scanning, importing and registering documentation from contractors and suppliers
  • Digital contractor file
  • Digital managing and archiving of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Implementation of self-invoicing for contractors based on delivered invoicing system
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Finance and accounting
  • Automatic invoice registering and settlements with clients
  • Digital procurement documentation management (orders, invoices, corrections, protocols, direct debit)
  • Integration with the finance and accounting system
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  • Creating digital personnel file
  • Managing the personnel and payroll documentation
  • Integration with the existing personnel and payroll system
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Which contracts and documents can be signed electronically?
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  • Integration with systems operating within a company – reducing the load of documents and data
  • Implementing digital documentation archive
  • Implementing digital document workflow
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