Videochat with remote client ID
Videochat with identity verification of the client (KYC) and electronic signature
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Video chat

Easy and pleasant way for directly contacting a client via video chat. This way a consultant during a video call can examine client’s needs and customize an offer.

Video chat is a platform of interaction between your brand and your client guaranteeing high NPS factor.

Video chat is the first step towards full digitalization of sales process and customer service.

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Client identification and KYC ID verification

Biometric video-identification of clients is currently the most effective method of preventing forgeries and frauds.

With biometric technology you can verify client’s identity reliably and quickly.

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Which contracts and documents can be signed electronically?
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Remote offer presentation

Thanks to identity confirmation and KYC verification of relevant data you’re be able to present a customized offer.

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Digital contract signing

During one session (video chat) with your client, you are able to close the deal and sign a contract digitally.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

With the possibility of remote identity verification many organizations introduced the possibility of:

  • Entering into transactions and signing contracts with a declaration during a conversation with a consultant
  • Presenting financially and commercially customized quotations

In the aforementioned cases remote client identity verification requires an Identity Card and the client being present in front of a computer screen or any other device with internet camera. It is an especially useful solution  for the finance sector and any other, where making a deal requires a thorough confirmation of identity.

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