Benefits of Low-Code
See what benefits you will gain from faster creation of innovative and business-critical solutions
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1. Increased agility

Organizations can implement new solutions to respond much more quickly to market changes.

This is possible not only due to the speed of development, but also because development teams can quickly present a working prototype. As a result, they can collect business feedback much faster and adjust accordingly, rather than going back and forth until they get it right.

Go low-code !
2. Maximized developer productivity

According to John Rymer from Forrester, creating applications using low-code can accelerate development by up to 10 times compared to traditional development methods. This maximizes development team productivity and enables organizations to achieve better results using the same resources (which is particularly important in times of high demand for developers and a shortage of programmers).

More advanced, high-performance low-code platforms, such as OutSystems, provide a high level of abstraction in the development and full CI/CD cycle, automating all mundane and tedious tasks that slow down developers and hinder creativity, leading to the creation of innovative applications.

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3. Improved customer and employee experience

Thanks to low-code, organizations can introduce new products to the market much faster that meet the expectations of customers, and also facilitate easier adjustments and modifications to existing products based on customer feedback and data.

High-performance low-code platforms, such as OutSystems, also include essential features for delivering multiexperience solutions, enabling organizations to address all the ways in which customers engage digitally, such as touch, voice, and gestures.

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4. Increased collaboration between business and IT

The visual programming approach in low-code allows companies and other stakeholders to participate in the programming process.

This leads to collaboration across the entire team, enabling organizations to effectively leverage the knowledge of both programmers and business experts. By engaging business and IT experts in collaboration on multifunctional projects, organizations can maximize their diverse knowledge and skills, resulting in the delivery of modern and innovative applications.

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5. Quick and easy change and maintenance

Thanks to the reusability of components and modules, development teams can leverage existing code and building blocks to accelerate the development process and reduce the amount of code that needs to be written from scratch. As a result, adapting and changing applications due to competition, economics, disruption, or the emergence of new opportunities is a faster and more efficient process.

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6. Lower barrier to entry and higher developer retention

Inexperienced developers can quickly build their first applications and understand step-by-step what they are doing. They can see almost immediately how they can add value, making their ramp-up much smoother and enabling them to contribute to a high-performing team quickly.

Moreover, a recent study shows that developers using low-code tools are 58% more likely to be satisfied with their work environment compared to those who use traditional development methods. This increased motivation is crucial for organizations facing high developer turnover and a shortage of tech talent.

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7. Faster innovation

Low-Code delivers speed and simplicity, allowing junior developers and technology enthusiasts without a solid programming background to create applications as if they were seasoned programmers. Equally important, Low-Code enables talented developers to focus on more creative, less mundane aspects of programming. As a result, businesses of any size can maximize their existing resources and deliver solutions their operations require to maintain competitiveness.

Go low-code !
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