Digital Mailroom – managing incoming and outgoing correspondence digitally

With proper application of CONTMAN solutions organizations support and execute processes connected with registering and distribution of incoming and outgoing cases.

Key benefits of the Digital Mailroom:
  • Increased effectiveness of business processes in an organization due to accurate registering incoming and outgoing cases and proper distribution
  • Timely completion of cases and status monitoring
  • Shortened duration of processes due to automated precise, fool-proof registration
  • Managing the life cycle of cases in an organization
Key features of the Digital Mailroom:
  • Handling cases (documents), both incoming and outgoing no matter the form and source
  • Monitoring status of cases and informing process participants about any changes
  • Convenient configuration at every level
  • Operating roles, mirroring the company’s structure and hierarchy
  • Possibility of integrating with third party’s software
  • Reporting and analysis of case and tasks completion
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Regardless of the correspondence arriving in traditional (paper) form, or electronically, at the entry gate its being categorized, registered and then distributed properly, digitally archived and its life cycle managed.

Here at CONTMAN we know well, that comprehensive digital registry means efficient digitalization, professional incoming and outgoing correspondence registry as well as efficient way of distributing cases within organization.

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