Workflow for Invoices

Workflow for Invoices is a great solution for curtailing time of entering invoices into books. With this tool you will also eliminate the possibility of making mistakes and automate works previously done by employees.

Key benefits of implementing invoice workflow:
  • Faster entering into books
  • Automated data reading with accuracy close to 100%
  • Remote access and function of assigning and approving particular costs and whole invoices
  • Control and managing payment deadlines
  • Eliminating the risk of mistakes
Key features of the invoice workflow:
  • System automatically scans or downloads and recognizes invoices from many sources such as scanners, folders of e-mails.
  • It automatically classifies documents and distinguishes an invoice from invoice correction or credit note
  • independently searches for and reads and verifies data from invoices
  • with automatic learning mechanism it constantly improves the accuracy of reading and data location
Ease of using automated invoice book-keeping
  • the system has a user-friendly interface
  • with the ability to integrate with procurement systems, ERP, CRM it can automatically download and make data accessible
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