Digital archive
Digital archiving and accessing documents

Digital Archive is a digital documents archive allowing for secure storing of electronic documents, instantly search for necessary information and work with it from any place.

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Key benefits of documents archiving system:
  • Search time for documents shortened to few seconds
  • Reduced cost of printing, sending, completing and archiving documents and archiving contracts
  • Security of documentation and GDPR compliance
  • Faster, more pleasant and effective work experience
  • Remote work conditions via browser and mobile app
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Key features of digital archive solution:
  • All digitalized documents available in one place and accessible only to authorized users
  • Digital archive provides advanced methods of retention, anonymization of digital documents, which can be stored on the so called hard carrier
  • The solution is highly intuitive, and with comprehensive support of several language versions it is used in multi-national organizations
  • With professionally designed and rendered accessible integrative interfaces one can integrate at will with other apps and data buses
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Easy and fast implementation of digital documents archive

Implementing the system is beneficial for remote employees, who can access the entire archived documentation, no matter where they are.

Efficiency is guaranteed with adjusting the archiving system to particular company’s needs. Initial pre-implementation analysis allows to identify the optimal path for storing and operating archived information.

This helps to plan implementation of new solutions to everyday functioning of the organization and to organize digital copies of the documents made before.

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