OCR & Forms Recognition
Key benefits of segregating documents:
  • faster reading, processing and transferring data
  • eliminating costly, time-consuming and mistakes-prone process of entering data by hand
  • simplifying everyday operations of processing and improving quality of the data
Key features of the documents sorter:

OCR & Forms Recognition automatically recognizes documents of any structure and complexity. Afterwards, with intelligent qualification technologies , OCR, ICR and bar code recognition sorts and reads the data. In such form documents can be incorporated into business processes and fed into IT systems.



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Which contracts and documents can be signed electronically?
Examples of documents

This solution automatically recognizes and processes all types of forms and documents, both in paper form and digital, including hand-written parts.

These are the most examples of common documents sorting, purchase orders, invoices, corrections, waybills, satisfaction questionnaires, feedback polls, receipts, time cards, etc.

Customized solutions

Choose a solution which fits your needs optimally, what will allow you to swiftly reach your goals.

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