Desktop Signature

Desktop Signature allows to sign documents digitally in business processes taking place in the so called traditional channels, i.e. in all places where a document can be signed with a biometric signature, during a meeting in a company’s branch or post.

Key benefits
  • Improving security and accountability of processes due to fully digitalized execution on one comprehensive platform
  • Abbreviating and accelerating business processes and actions so far executed in paper form, with introduction of signature scanning/digital signing
  • Reducing costs of documents logistics within an organization, and in certain cases increasing profitability of an entire organization
  • Inducting an organization to the new level of digital transformation with digitalizing key processes such as commercial and financial
Key functions of this solution
  • Desktop Signature enables Wacom devices to sign documents electronically
  • You can sign any document with hand-written digital signature
  • Standard method of signing documents is a secure, hand-written biometric signature, and this solution is the closest behavioral representation of such process
  • It’s easily adaptable to the specificity of many business fields and sectors in the so called traditional channels
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Which contracts and documents can be signed electronically?
Application and legal environment

Majority of documents in economic circulation can take electronic form and as such can be signed with electronic hand-written signature. In congruence with polish civil law significant majority of business documents can be signed with regular or advanced electronic signature/biometric signature. Essentially, a contract signed via Desktop Signature is valid and legally binding just like any document signed on paper. It even applies to most regulated sectors of economy, such as financial institutions, telecoms, utility companies, etc.

Digital documents signing

Sign your business documents electronically without having to leave your home or office. Within your existing IT infrastructure or in cloud.

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