Electronic signature platforms

We offer and implement electronic signature platforms


Autenti is a Polish company that has been offering solutions for signing any documents online since 2014, on any device with Internet access.

Speed, convenience, security and compliance with the law are the hallmarks of Autenti. The platform acts as a trusted third party – it guarantees the authenticity of signed documents and secures information in the process of signing the contract.


DocuSign is a pioneer in the development of electronic signature technology. It helps organizations automate the way they prepare, sign, act on, and manage contracts.

DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s best way to electronically sign on virtually any device, from almost anywhere, anytime.


SigningServices ensures the digitization of business processes by offering innovative solutions for integrating digital trust services, i.e. e-identity, e-signature, e-seal, time stamp, etc.
These technologies help companies achieve their business goals faster with a focus on information security, data privacy and compliance.

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Digital documents signing

Sign your business documents electronically without having to leave your home or office. Within your existing IT infrastructure or in cloud.

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