Krzysztof Wiśniewski
12 July 2021 | News

CONTMAN has become a partner of WEBCON, a leading European provider of a low-code platform for automation and business process management. As part of the strategic cooperation, CONTMAN expands the portfolio of solutions it offers to better address the needs of companies implementing the strategy of digitizing business processes.

CONTMAN, a Polish IT company with over 20 years of experience in creating and implementing advanced solutions for electronic archiving and document circulation, has become a partner of WEBCON, a leader among suppliers of low-code platforms for digitization and business process management. The WEBCON BPS platform is already used by over 650 companies and corporations around the world, by means of which they implement their digital transformation strategy. Among them are such market leaders as Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, MAN, Nowy Styl, LPP, Warbud and Tauron.

Thanks to the established cooperation, CONTMAN customers will be able to effectively digitize and automate business processes with the help of applications built based on the WEBCON BPS platform. Documents stored in the electronic CONTMAN archive will be available in all solutions built in this way.

– Thanks to the integration of solutions offered by our companies, users can create applications supporting any processes practically without coding and use electronic versions of documents that are already stored in the CONTMAN solution. Our clients expected a solution that would allow them to create and modify applications supporting business processes to a greater extent on their own. Thanks to establishing cooperation with WEBCON and integrating our platforms – we have responded to these needs – says Krzysztof Wiśniewski, CEO CONTMAN.

– We are happy to announce the expansion of WEBCON’s partner network to include a company as experienced as CONTMAN – says Łukasz Wróbel, Vice President of WEBCON for business development. – We are excited about the cooperation that has already started, the more so that our companies have been operating on the market of digitization of business processes and electronic document circulation for many years.

– The combination of two technologies – low-code and InstantChange®, available as part of the WEBCON BPS platform – enables the delivery of ready-made solutions for business in a very short time – often within a few hours or days – which was not possible before. WEBCON BPS perfectly complements our solutions with the possibility of using advanced workflows (circulation of documents and cases), which allows us to provide even more comprehensive solutions for our clients – says Tomasz Czubkowski, CTO CONTMAN.

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