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Key Benefits of Mobile:
  • Shortening and accelerating business processes and activities that have so far been carried out in paper form.
  • Sealing and increasing the safety of processes thanks to their implementation in full electronic form.
  • Reducing the costs of document logistics in the organization, and in specific cases – increasing the profitability of the organization’s operations.
  • Introducing the organization to the next level of digital transformation, thanks to the possibility of digitizing key processes, e.g. sales and financial.
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Jakie umowy i dokumenty można podpisywać elektronicznie?
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The most important features of the Mobile solution:
  • Mobile works on most Android devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • The application provides access to most of the functions of the CONTMAN, OpenText and WEBCON ecosystem, e.g. searching for documents, workflow processes.
  • The solution enables the signing of documents (e.g. commercial and economic contracts) with the use of an electronic signature.
  • The standard signing method is a secure handwritten biometric signature that best represents the process at the behavioral level.
  • It is possible to use any other method of signing documents, such as OTP.
  • The application has unlimited possibilities of adaptation to the specifics of business processes implemented by organizations from various industries and sectors of the economy.
go digital !
See how to easily and quickly work with documents and cases

Find out more about:

  • work with documents and cases on a smartphone or tablet
  • how our mobile application works

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Digital archiving and workflow

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